Watch Obama Candidly Discuss What REAL Family Values Are With Bear Grylls (VIDEO)

Bear Grylls’ much-anticipated interview with President Obama aired this past Thursday and it was pretty freaking awesome. Well, assuming you don’t have baracknophobia and can’t last a nanosecond without screaming about Benghazi or a birth certificate. Bear Grylls, the host of NBC’s Running Wild With Bear Grylls, spent a day in September roaming around the wilderness with President Obama. Perhaps the president needed to be surrounded by wild and ferocious beasts that actually do something, unlike all the Republicans in Congress.

The interview is quintessential Obama: relaxed, calm, jocular and intellectually curious (GOP translation: hating America, loving terrorists, and wasting time talking instead of killing sh*t). Showing the abundantly clear effects that climate change is having on Alaska, Bear and President Obama chatted about the speed with which the glaciers here are melting.

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It is remarkable to think that all of this water is coming out and to see it dripping and generating water as fast as it was, was a reminder of how rapidly and how accelerating the melting of these glaciers is gong on, said President Obama when both Bear and him approached a massive glacier that was melting.  Adding, so this not only ends up as being a key place for us to study climate change, but also to understand the impact that’s it going to have on the rest of the world.

He’s such a downer! Can’t he just shoot a wolf or a bear, then do a selfie with himself wearing its carcass like a decent and classy American?!

But a key moment of candor and decency during their Alaskan peregrination came when Bear asked Obama what it means to be a father who just so happens to be president. President Obama then discusses how important it is to have dinner with his family every night.

It’s actually my joy, my pleasure, Obama replies, because if I’ve had a day of world nonsense, for me to be able to come home, just listen to the girls talk about their day it gives me a whole new perspective and renews me.

Watch President Obama Shows Faux ‘Family Values’ GOP What Family Is Really About:

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