Watch: NRA’s Disgraceful New $2 Million Anti-Hillary Ad Implies Dead Soldiers Would Have Voted Trump

The lobbying group perhaps best known for pushing for more guns in the wake of the mass shooting of 20 children somehow found a new low. In an effort to attack Hillary Clinton, they’ve spent a stunning $2 million to create an ad campaign that hamfistedly suggests America’s dead soldiers would have voted for Donald Trump – a claim that is as ludicrous as it is offensive.

The 30-second spot released on June 29 by the National Rifle Association’s official YouTube page follows retired Marine Mark “Oz” Geist as he walks through a military cemetery. He acknowledges the fact that many Republicans are refusing to support Donald Trump by pointing out that a lot of people say they “won’t vote this November because their candidate didn’t win.” Panning out to reveal the tombstones of veterans, Geist concludes that he “knows some other people won’t be voting this year either.”

The ad then flashes a picture of Hillary Clinton, brings up Benghazi and again concludes that those who died there and elsewhere would vote Trump instead.

The whole thing is sickening in its shameless exploitation of the lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. To hijack the very real thoughts and opinions of the men and women who died and paint them as “Trump supporters” is massively tone deaf. Donald Trump is an open bigot, a preening narcissist who celebrated the Orlando shooting by congratulating himself for being “right” about intolerance towards Muslims. He also avoided military service in Vietnam by leaning on his wealth and connections. Is it possible some fallen soldiers would have voted for a guy like that? Sure. Is it fair to film an entire cemetery full of tombstones and conclude that these people would have flocked to Trump’s campaign? Absolutely not!

Ironically, the NRA ignores the 30,000 or so people who die every year to guns in the United States. Many of them would have also had a chance to vote in November, but we will never know who they would have eventually supported because their lives were stolen from them prematurely. Perhaps if the NRA worried more about the lives lost than to getting Donald Trump to be president, America would have tens of thousands of more voters capable of speaking for themselves and not being exploited by a desperate, pathetic lobbying group to fulfill its agenda.

Watch the NRA video below:

Featured image via YouTube | h/t Oliver Willis

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