WATCH: No Jobs For You — TN Lawmaker Continues Quest To Block Thousands Of Well-Paying Jobs, And You Won’t Believe Why (VIDEO)

Tennessee lawmaker Bo Watson is at it again.

Watson has gained a name for himself over the years for a variety of issues.  He has voted for and even co-sponsored bills involving draconian immigration policies, anti-choice measures, voter suppression legislation and measures to ensure the children of Tennessee learn the Bible’s story of creationism alongside the legitimate sciences of natural selection and evolution.

But for the past couple of years, one of the Republican legislator’s favorite past times is stomping out unions, at the expense of whomever gets in his way.

For the past few years, Volkswagen has been trying to expand in the state, offering 2,000 direct jobs and as even Watson puts it “countless indirect jobs” to boot.

But Watson is having none of it. Those jobs, according to him, are the “wrong kinds of jobs” for the people of his state. Wrong kind? Apparently to Watson decent pay, job stability, and maybe even some healthcare are the “wrong kinds of jobs.” Apparently Watson is afraid that through employment at VW, his constituents might become educated and healthy enough to see through his nonsense.

Volkswagen by policy has a friendly relationship with it’s organized labor unions in Germany and abroad. They have learned what Henry Ford learned almost a century ago. Namely, that paying your employees a livable wage and listening to their concerns is what makes companies successful. That is obviously lost on Watson who apparently sees employees with a decent wage and job stability as an enemy to his 1% aristocratic supporters and donors.

Volkswagen is okay with any unionized labor the workers prefer, but Watson will have none of it and is doing everything he can to stop them.



Featured Image: Memphis Flyer

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