WATCH: New Clinton Ad Hilariously Skewers Republican ‘Mad (Not A) Scientists’ On Climate Change

When looking down the barrel of a loaded gun, there are two steps that you can take: You can attempt to defuse the situation before it escalates any further, or you can attempt to aim the gun somewhere else. Ducking your head in the sand and denying the existence of the gun isn’t an option.

And yet, that’s exactly what the Republicans are doing on the issue of global warming (and a whole host of other issues, too). Denial, obfuscation, misdirection, conspiracy theories, and outright stupidity are all tools in their fight for the Big Oil companies that bankroll their campaigns.

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It can be frustrating at times to deal with them and while voting them out of office isn’t always an option, making fun of them for their ignorance certainly is; and it’s this tack that the Clinton Campaign has decided to take with its recent video mocking the Republicans as “The Mad (Not A) Scientists.”

It is glorious.

“I’m not a scientist”

The Republicans are fond of reminding anyone who’s willing to listen that they aren’t scientists, but that doesn’t stop them from injecting themselves into science debates. Ignorance is strength to the Republican party; they don’t want to come across as too educated, for fear of losing their uneducated, ignorant-and-proud-of-it audience.

The Clinton Campaign is keenly aware of this hypocrisy and has recently produced a campaign ad in the vein of a B-movie horror flick, using footage from older Frankenstein-style films to sharply skewer what it brands “The Mad (Not A) Scientists.”

The video also slams them for suggesting that there’s nothing the United States can do in the face of climate change, and then takes a shot at the insane conspiracy theories that circle in the right-wing blogosphere, before closing with a reminder that one of these Republicans could become president if people don’t vote.

Of course, it’s rated D for Denier; because the alternative, D for Dumbass, is far less civil.

Watch the campaign ad below:


Feature image via YouTube screen capture

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