Watch: MSNBC Host OWNS Trump Advocate For Lying About Clinton During Interview

Joy Reid went in on a Trump advocate and it was hilarious. The MSNBC host found herself having to shut down Trump backer David Malpass when he blatantly lied about Clinton receiving  $10 million in contributions in an attempt to avoid discussing Trump’s $25,000 “pay-for-play” donation to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. Reid was not about to “Lauer the bar” and  abruptly called him out:

“Where is the evidence of that?”

Of course, having nothing solid to back up this accusation and clearly grasping at straws, he brings up the Clinton emails, the Clinton Foundation and her press conferences. Yup, Malpass actually claimed that the emails are bringing out the information in which he is talking about.  Reid, who seemed totally over the interview at this point, owned him:

“Now you’re conflating press conferences, emails and foundations? They’re not all the same thing!”

Reid had such a hard time wrapping her brain around the amount of BS coming out of this man’s mouth that she simply closed out the interview with “my head hurts” and frankly, we need to see more of this. It’s time Trump and his puppets were called out for their lies and held accountable for their actions. Too often, hosts just nod their head and smile while Trump spoon feeds them bullsh*t and we are over it.

Watch full clip below:

Featured image via video screenshot

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