Watch: Mike Pence Forced To Look An 11-Year-Old Boy In The Eye And Lie About ‘Softening Up’ Trump

Over the last week, it seems as though Governor Mike Pence’s role in the Trump Campaign has become damage control and apparently even children are noticing. At a Raleigh, North Carolina appearance one of those children had a question for Trump’s vice presidential pick:

Good morning Governor Pence. My name is Matthew and I’m 11-years old and I’ve been watching you lately and I’ve been noticing that you’ve been kind of softening up on Mr. Trump’s policies and words. Is this going to be your role in the administration?

If by “softening up,” Trump’s words and policies, Matthew means “walking Trump’s words and policies back,” then yes, that is exactly what Pence has been doing. For instance, after the Republican presidential nominee attacked Captain Humayun Khan’s — who was killed in action in Iraq — family, when they spoke out about the Islamophobia Trump espouses on the campaign trial. The Donald could not handle their criticism and exploded all over Twitter and in the media, but Pence tried to clean up the mess saying,“Donald Trump and I believe that Captain Humayun Khan is an American hero and his family, like all Gold Star families, should be cherished by every American. Captain Khan gave his life to defend our country in the global war on terror.”

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Then when Trump said that he might not support Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Arizona Senator John McCain, Pence said he’d definitely support them. The Indiana governor can’t actually “soften up” Trump because the GOP nominee doesn’t think he is doing anything wrong — ever.

But, instead of answering honestly and telling the 11-year-old that uncomfortable fact, Pence lied and made excuses for Trump:

Sometimes things don’t always come out like you mean, right?

In other words, he told this child that Donald Trump doesn’t mean the things he says, which is an absolute lie. If he didn’t mean to say the things he says, he wouldn’t say them. Trump isn’t a kid, he is an adult who should know how to control himself and filter his thoughts, but he doesn’t. Not only doesn’t he filter them, he doesn’t want to because that is what he calls “political correctness” and he hates that.

So, what kind of example is Mike Pence setting for kids like Matthew when he lies right to their face? It’s definitely not one that we agree with.


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