Watch Mickey Rourke DESTROY Donald Trump In A Hilarious And Epic Rant (VIDEO)

Like Hitler (but with bad hair), Trump is brilliant at attacking the fragile emotions of the miserably uninformed for political gain. This is just one big reality tv show for him, and we’re all just pawns in his little game. It’s only a matter of time before a protester gets killed at one of his rallies. I know, assault is so “politically correct.” But if there’s one saving grace about the bitc*y mean girl, it’s the infinite comedy fodder that he brings. Better still, watching people react to him in horror.

Punchy actor Mickey Rourke isn’t famous for his erudite opinions on policy and politics, but he surely knows the art of invective.

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TMZ recently caught up with Mickey Rourke on a street in Beverly Hills to play catch and talk politics — particularly the actor’s thoughts on Donald Trump. Rourke comments, while not exactly rhetoric found in Chomsky novels, was just ever-so-accurate–and hilarious!

The biggest scumbag on the planet,” Rourke told paparazzi while playing catch on the sidewalk, “Donald Trump, f*ck him, f*ck the horse he rode in on,

He then proceeded to lay into Trump’s latest mail-order wife, Melania:

I think that his wife is one of the biggest gold diggers around. I know. I used to go out with a gold digger. And I mean, how could you sleep next to that flabby, fat piece of sh*t and get your rocks off?

Watch Mickey Rourke DESTROY Donald Trump In A Hilarious And Epic Rant:

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