WATCH: Megyn Kelly Whines About Criticism Of Her Pathetically Softball Trump Interview

Some months ago, Donald Trump attacked Fox News’s Megyn Kelly mercilessly. That attack earned the host of The Kelly File support from many in the media community, including a number of reporters and journalists who would not normally be on the same side of an issue with her. But now the Fox host is being criticized by some other media figures for her incredibly softball interview with The Donald, and she doesn’t seem to be able to handle it.

May 18 must have been a slow news day, because Kelly decided to spend an entire segment of her show playing the victim, and lashing out against some who had criticized the nature of the Trump interview. Using a version of the old playground taunt “I know you are, but what am I?” that Fox News seems to love, Kelly accused her critics of hating her, Fox News, Trump or the entire Republican Party. And no, she didn’t level those charges against writers from liberal publications such as The Nation or Mother Jones, but against respected mainstream reporters such as James Warren.

Warren called the Trump interview “soft as a grape,” which even Kelly acknowledges that it was. But she responds to that criticism by saying, “This is the same man who dismissed the entire Republican Party as quote ‘anti-female.'” She levels similar charges against The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple and Hank Steuver, dismissing them as Trump haters. Her final volley is fired against The New Yorker’s Amy Davidson, observing that Davidson once said that Kelly was chosen as a GOP debate moderator because Fox was showing off a “smart blonde.”

The “smart blonde” brings on Fox media critic Howard Kurtz to help in the attack. Kurtz also dismisses the criticism, complaining that it bothers him when “critics who despise Trump, often from the left, just aren’t up front about that.” Kelly agrees, and wonders whether those same critics would want a tough interview of Hillary Clinton. “I think the question kind of answers itself,” Kurtz says.

Judging by past Fox News interviews of prominent Democrats, it’s not likely that Clinton would get the same soft treatment that Trump got, and Kelly certainly knows that. Bret Baier’s infamous grilling of President Obama in 2010, where Baier repeatedly interrupted him, is just one example of how Fox handles interviews with Democrats.

The whole point of Kelly’s rant seems to be that she wasn’t going to go after Trump in response to his past treatment of her. OK, fair enough. But there were a ton of questions she could have asked the presumptive nominee that went unasked. And she really doesn’t provide a reason for not asking them.

Here’s how Megyn Kelly addressed her critics, via Fox News:

Featured image via Fox News screen capture

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