WATCH: Megyn Kelly Slaps The Sh*t Out Of Ted Cruz’s Claim ‘Liberals’ Sabotage GOP Debates (VIDEO)

Professional outrage factory and eternal victim, Ted Cruz, went to Fox News looking for a sympathetic ear from Megyn Kelly when he wanted to whine about how “unfair” it is that liberals always moderate Republican debates. Clearly, sticking to factual statements, answering questions directly, and not being allowed to willfully lie to the entire nation is a “liberal” bias. Poor Republicans, they have such a hard time. Don’t they?

Ted Cruz actually is suggesting that no person be allowed to question Republican presidential candidates in a debate, if they can’t prove to him by government documentation, that they vote in Republican primary elections.

Apparently if you cannot do this, it means that as far as Ted Cruz is concerned you are something other than an American citizen. It also means that he, as president, isn’t required to look out for your interests or lower himself to give an honest answer to you. Megyn Kelly pressed Cruz hard on this issue, and showed him in a rather embarrassing way, how asinine his idea is.

Kelly pointed out that people don’t know the voting records of Fox’s Bret Baier or Chris Wallace or herself,  and wondered if that would mean they would be excluded. Cruz bluntly said he doubts any of the three of them are liberals, as opposed to the rest of the media. Kelly still kept on the point, asking him, “Would we have to submit our voting records to you?” Cruz seemed a little scared to answer the question suddenly, and dodged by saying it would be a very simple process to weed out the liberals. However, Kelly pointed out that Tim Russert was a liberal but a very respected journalist who could be fair to Republicans.

This is just one more example showing that Ted Cruz, who calls himself a constitution-loving, ultra American, A#1 patriot of Washington D.C., literally has no concept of how representative democracy is supposed to work. His contempt for people who are an inconvenience to his personal ambitions, like the general public who he asks to vote for him, should be offensive to every American.

Watch Megyn Kelly slap the sh!t out of Ted Cruz live on the air below:

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