WATCH: Megyn Kelly HAMMERS GOP Rep. Over Trump’s Clinton Prosecution Flip-Flop (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly took a Republican congressman to the woodshed over Donald Trump and the GOP’s 180-degree pivot on prosecuting former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Back during the presidential campaign, Trump frequently led chants of “lock her up” at his rallies and even told Clinton face to face that he was going to appoint a special prosecutor to “look into your situation.”

U.S. Congressman Sean Duffy (R-WI) insisted that Trump’s rhetoric was about Clinton’s email server, but noted that the Clinton Foundation investigation is still ongoing.

But Kelly wasn’t buying it, stating that Trump “did not make that distinction today.”

Kelly reminded Duffy that their tone is “very different” from what both he and Trump were saying months ago.

She played a clip from August of Duffy at a Trump rally standing at the podium while listening to supporters chant “lock her up.”

Duffy said to the rabid crowd in response:

“We have to elect Donald Trump to do that!”

Kelly pressed Duffy on how he can reconcile that clip with this new “for the good of the country…” rhetoric, especially considering the natural assumption that this is just another case of:

“…Lying politicians who just say anything to get elected.”

Duffy tried to squirm out of answering the question, insisting that Trump is not running the FBI (a distinction Republicans didn’t make for President Obama when the FBI announce there were not bringing charges against Clinton).

But Kelly countered that Team Trump made this their main issue.

Kelly exclaimed:

“You guys were the ones saying lock her up!”

Trump’s hypocrisy is a classic example of why people are so cynical when it comes to politics.

People already believe that politicians make promises one day to gain a benefit, but when they get what they want the next day, they change their tune.

While Trump’s decision not to go after Clinton is the right one, his brazen deception should be noted and remembered, because that will be the blueprint for the next four years of his administration.

Just wait until his supporters find out that the only Mexico border wall they’re going to see will be the table decoration that Trump’s going to sell them on QVC.

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