WATCH: Marco Rubio Says He Isn’t ‘Happy’ Paris Was Attacked, He’s Glad It Was (VIDEO)

Marco Rubio, tied for third place in the GOP field of nominee hopefuls,  makes it obvious that Republicans know that they probably can’t win the presidency in 2016. He also appears to know the GOP’s only hope for a possible upset victory comes in one form: a terrified, bigoted, angry mob. Maybe that is why Marco Rubio is really glad that American voters were terrified by the Paris attack before the election.

He isn’t “happy” about the Paris attacks, but he is, however, happy that the potential voters are now more frightened. It isn’t so much what he is saying, as what it really means. What is he saying he does appreciate about the loss of life in Paris? What is it about the backlash against the biggest victims of the attackers, the Syrian refugees, that have been waiting for years to have a safe place to rest their heads, that makes him glad?

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He thinks that people will be so afraid and paranoid that they will switch parties and vote for the GOP.

Loss of life and the new refugee “hysteria” are prices that he seems very willing to pay for even a small boost toward control of the country.

Listen to his twisted logic:


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