WATCH: Marco Rubio Never Shows Up For Work, But Would Fire Federal Workers Who Do The Same (VIDEO)

Republican hatred for public sector workers, has reached an irrational level over the past couple years. They all think if you work for the government you are a Fascist army waiting to overtax people, steal guns, force people to get gay married and use solar power. It isn’t often though that you find a Republican who hates public sector workers while actually being a worse employee than them.

Marco Rubio has missed over 43 percent of votes since becoming a senator.

His excuse is that he simply doesn’t want to do his job because he is busy running for president. That’s pretty much his only excuse, but if you are a Federal worker and he thinks you are not “doing your job” you should be immediately fired.

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Let’s all just agree to say “F*ck Marco Rubio”. He says the votes he is missing are meaningless, because Obama will veto them. Right, blame it on Obama you jerk. No, your job is to vote. This is how you represent your constituents. You take their majority will to Washington and you cast a vote on the issue. Rubio went on to say he never said workers that do not show up should be fired. He tried to spin it as “workers that do not perform should be fired.” Well not doing actual work, like you, is not performing you damned idiot.

I wish Republicans everywhere would realize that they are literally some of the highest paid “federal employees”, since they want to use that card, and start firing themselves. Or, perhaps their voter base would realize that they are and permanently stop voting.

Watch Marco Rubio defend choosing not to perform at his job, while saying other public sector employees should be fired if he thinks they are not performing at theirs:


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