Watch Marco Rubio Hit A Kid In The Face With The Worst Pass Ever (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Did you know that 2016 GOP presidential hopeful Marco Rubio was once a football player?

Rubio kicked off his college career on a football scholarship at Tarkio College before the school went bankrupt in 1993 after their financial aid department knowingly handed out loans and grants to ineligible students (A 1991 piece in the New York Times notes that Rubio’s former place of instruction  “set up illegitimate off-campus programs and signed up thousands of unprepared students, many of them whisked right off city street,” leading to high dropout rates and a default rate of 80 percent — the highest in the nation at the time). 

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It’s well known that Rubio is a huge fan of Football — especially the Dolphins — so it’s only natural that he would throw around the ole pigskin with some kids from time to time, as he did in an Iowa suburb when he took a break from pretending that he has a chance to be President.

While engaging in a bit of sport, Rubio managed to throw a wobbly, almost uncatchable pass to a young child, hitting the kid in the face and causing the unfortunate receiver to fall to the ground.

…and the internet went wild:

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This isn’t the first time one of Rubio’s blunders has gone viral. After all, who can forget his response to the 2013 State of the Union address?



It’s almost baffling that, for all the kicking and screaming Rubio has done in an effort to finally get some attention, all he really needed to do was pummel a child in the face with an awful pass. It will be interesting to see if his poll numbers rise in the wake of Football-gate (we put “-gate” after everything now, right?). It’s not like he can sink much lower than 4 percent.

You can watch the highly-entertaining former football player’s awful pass here:


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