Watch Marco Rubio Forget His Rehearsed Lines And Go Into Panic Repeat Mode On Live TV (VIDEO)

I’ve always said that you can sort of get a vibe when politicians are just repeating rehearsed lines at the camera instead of answering the damned question. It’s tough to explain in the abstract normally, but the recent Republican debate just showed an absolutely perfect example of this on live TV.

I’m not even sure what all of the questions were any more, but there were several and Marco Rubio tried to give literally the same answer to every single one of them. It’s hard to even follow exactly why he did it. Maybe he just didn’t know the answer so he used his default statement. The problem with that is he couldn’t stop using it once he started. It got so bad that even Chris Christie openly mocked him during his answers, which you can see below.

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Either Marco had no clue about anything discussed during the debate, or he is a robot that got stuck on repeating the same statement because a mouse was chewing on his wiring. Regardless, the result is pretty hilarious.

Watch Marco Rubio short circuit more than just his presidential campaign below:

Featured image via Democratic Underground

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