WATCH: Man EMBARRASSES Fox Host When Asked This Ridiculous Question About Hillary

It is entirely possible that the only people dumber than Fox News viewers are some of the on-air personalities at the “fair and balanced” fairly unbalanced network. And when you think of “dumb personalities,” you probably immediately think of the crew on Fox and Friends.

Of course, the cast of the popular morning show has been beating the anti-Hillary drum, just like the rest of the network, for some time. It’s Benghazi! or email! or whatever nonsense they can come up with to attack the likely Democratic nominee every time they mention her. Since they don’t seem to be getting any traction with their other stories, now Fox is focusing on the claim that Clinton is “cheating” to win the Democratic nomination.

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Host Anna Kooiman introduced a “man on the street” segment on May 17 by asking the question, “If Hillary keeps — if she keeps losing, how is she winning?”

Co-host Pete Hegseth agrees, then says that they have sent the show’s resident 25-watt bulb, Steve Doocy, onto the street to ask people what they think. The first person he encounters makes “Deuce” look like the total idiot he is.

“Larry” tells Doocy that he is following the presidential race, so the ace reporter asks,

This the cover of the Drudge Report right now. ‘She keeps losing, how come she is winning?’ Can you explain that to us? Bernie Sanders keeps winning these primaries, probably going to win one or two more today and yet she is way ahead in the super delegates. How’s this thing working?

Larry responds with some thoughts about the politics of Sanders versus Clinton, and how he thinks the country is interested in a more moderate candidate than the Vermont senator. But that doesn’t satisfy Doocy, who observes, “But it kind of seems like the system is rigged for Hillary because she got beat by Obama eight years ago.”

The man disagrees, but Doocy persists. He asks, “You don’t think with the super delegates you don’t think it’s kind of rigged?”

Larry delivers the perfect smackdown.

No, I mean the way the country and the way our electoral system is set up they have the opportunity to vote for who they choose — they think is the right candidate, and if they believe she is the right candidate they should have the opportunity to vote for her.

Another ordinary American takes down a Fox News talking point, and it was a beautiful thing.

For the record, up to May 17, Clinton has won the most delegates in 26 states and territories. Sanders has taken more in 20. She has received more votes than Sanders in every state she has won. It’s hard to figure out where Fox and Friends or Matt Drudge gets the idea that Clinton “keeps losing.” Since the beginning of April, Hillary has won six states to Bernie’s five. And those super delegates that Doocy is so worried about? Take them out of the mix, and Clinton is still ahead. But since when did facts matter to Fox?

Here’s the video, via Media Matters:

Featured image via Fox News/Media Matters screen capture

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