WATCH: ‘Mad As Hell’ Elizabeth Warren Gives The Perfect Straight Answer To A Perfect Question (VIDEO)

The scene is California. The event is a conference in Silicon Valley, the Re/Code Conference. The day was Tuesday. The one answering the questions was Elizabeth Warren. Once again she showed why so many people are so excited about her and still continue to try to encourage her to make a run for the presidency in 2016.

The question she is asked in the clip is an intelligent, well thought out question with incredible common sense logic and foresight. It was asked by an engineer at the conference, a profession known for devising and implementing solutions. Because of the length of the man’s question, it is paraphrased below:

Why isn’t the government, with interest rates so low and the country so obviously in need of infrastructure and other investments, doing the common-sense thing, which would be to borrow money at those low rates and invest?

Warren gave the perfect, honest and straight forward answer America needs to hear:

‘We are not doing it because the people in Washington — too many of the people in Washington — do not represent the folks who elected them. They represent the rich and the powerful, who don’t want their taxes raised,’ Warren said. ‘The only way we get change is when enough people in this country say, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m fed up, and I’m not going to do this anymore.”‘

Warren’s obvious frustration with the Washington machine became more evident as she spoke. She warned of people writing things off as “wonky” when those are the issues that need to be brought up, discussed and at the front of our agenda.

‘When you say this is the wonkiest conference we’ve ever had — no! These have to be the things that you wake up people all over America and say, “What matters? Whether or not you’re going to have a job, whether or not you’re going to have a retirement, whether or not your kids are going to have any chance to build a future,”‘ an exasperated Warren pleaded.

Check out the awesome clip HERE:


Whether she runs or not, we need more like Elizabeth Warren in Washington.

Featured image via screen capture

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