WATCH: Libertarian Daddy Ron Paul: Dictatorship Imminent, Disarm The Government (VIDEO)

Of course, this interview took place on the Alex Jones Show. Of course it would, because this blatant attempt by Ron Paul to “out-crazy” his son Rand Paul — who recently claimed that Bernie Sanders would kill tens of millions of people.

While talking to Jones, Ron Paul warned of an imminent dictatorship. He then decried any form of gun control, except disarming the government and taking the Presidents ability to declare war. What? The amount of Libertarian tea that he had to drink to come to this dumbfounding conclusion, is mind-boggling. Ron Paul has managed to reach the highest level of crazy and his son isn’t far behind.

In just over one minute, Ron demonstrates why no conservative should ever, ever have any political power ever again. They are simply too insane.

Here is Ron’s embarrassingly unimpressive statement courtesy of YouTube:


Feature image via screen capture from YouTube

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