WATCH: Liberal Activists Crash Koch Brothers Event With Giant Puppets–A Must See (VIDEO)

Liberal activists have been having a good time at Republican events lately. After Scott Walker was hilariously trolled with a giant check made out to him from the Koch Brothers, he tried to rebound at the Iowa State Fair, only to have his supporters look like Gestapo as they crawled over peaceful protesters to tear up signs, at one point pushing an activist onto the wheelchair of a disabled woman.

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Last Friday in Columbus, Ohio, activists went out of their way to have their presence known by showing up at a private party, hosted by the Koch Brothers, donning giant puppets of Jeb Bush and Scott Walker wearing “Koch Puppet” signs.

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While some laughed and had their pictures taken, other shouted obscenities from inside the party. Ultimately the music was turned up to drown out the pranksters, but the damage was done.

The Kochs were trolled in real life and it was absolutely fabulous.

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Watch giant Jeb and giant Walker disrupt a Koch Brothers event.

Featured image: Screen capture

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