Watch Lewandowski Squirm When CNN Host Calls BS On His Excuses For Trump’s Illegal Fundraising

The disgraced former campaign manager for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump became a surrogate punching bag during a CNN interview discussing Trump’s fundraising misadventure involving three foreign governments.

Trump is in hot water after The Campaign Legal Center filed an FEC complaint concerning emails sent out by his campaign to members of parliament in Iceland, Australia, and the United Kingdom, asking for campaign donations.

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Lewandowski tried to spin an excuse for Trump by stating that the campaign only sent out fundraising emails to people who opted to receive emails from the Trump campaign. But, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota knocked that excuse down quickly and pointed out that the parliament members who received emails claim they never opted to receive any correspondence from the Trump campaign. (And why would they?)

Trump’s former campaign manager must have figured that if he kept repeating the same talking point about people having to opt in, Camerota would move on to something else. But he was dead wrong.

Time and again Camerota impatiently snuffed out his spin by reminding him that the parliament members did not opt in to receive any Trump campaign solicitations, leaving Lewandowski with a blank stupefied look on his face.

The former Trump staffer was forced to admit that maybe people didn’t opt in to receive emails, as he continued to pathetically sputter in circles.

Here’s the transcript of that painful exchange via Mediate.

Lewandowski: If the member of the British parliament or anybody else for that matter opted into the Donald Trump e-mail system —

Camerota: She said she didn’t opt in.

Lewandowski: Look, it’s possible. But the bottom line is that anybody who opted into the system voluntarily, and anybody can opt out at any time —

Camerota: She didn’t opt in.

Lewandowski: …they can opt in or out of the system.

Camerota: But she didn’t opt in.

Lewandowski: Maybe she didn’t. Look, I don’t know the answer to this specific case, but there’s millions of people on this list.

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