WATCH: Letterman Comes Out Of Retirement Just To Roast Donald Trump

When David Letterman went into retirement the world of comedy wept a little. No more silly gap-toothed monologues, no more pencil throwing, no more Velcro suits. The thing that will be missed the most is the top ten list.

For a couple of decades Letterman successfully beat the crap out of a dead horse that was a dumb list of things we could all relate to and laugh at. He did it every night, and somehow it just never got old. That’s why when this video emerged of David Letterman joining Martin Short and Steve Martin on stage I was so ecstatic.

Not only does Letterman do the beloved top ten, he aims it at the nemesis of humanity, Donald Trump, and at least four times at that thing on his head.

Steve Martin and Martin Short are two of the finest comedians alive, and even they can’t keep a straight face.

Watch David Letterman DESTROY Donald Trump and that thing on his head.

Featured image via screen capture

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