WATCH: Leaked Off Air Fox News Video Shows Hosts Decimating Sarah Palin

Have you ever gotten the feeling that everyone is laughing at you behind your back? That your friends and family secretly think you’re a babbling idiot? That your closest coworkers and colleagues only keep you around to have someone to insult and mock as soon as you leave the room?  Well don’t worry, you’re probably just being paranoid; that is, unless of course you’re the drunken ex-Governor of Alaska and cosmic prank on history- Sarah Palin.

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Whether Palin is incoherently rambling about the evils of Obama, Liberals, and Atheism on her YouTube channel, a channel that is a treasure trove of comedy gold, or publicly defending the despicable actions of her own “Garbage Palin Kids,” the fact that this woman was just a heartbeat away from occupying the 2nd most powerful office in the land in 2008 makes me question the fundamental workings of the universe.

A leaked video from a Fox News segment back in 2010 is once again making it’s rounds on social media. This is a rare behind-the-scenes look at how even Palin’s closest political allies view the belligerent nitwit of the tundra.

In the video, the then Fox News hosts Judith Miller and Liz Trotta, laugh as they quote Alessandra Stanley of The New York Times who wrote regarding Palin,

Who is this woman, this fruit bat in fleece and Gore-Tex, clenching the side of the rock face above a glacier, screaming Tahhd! Tahhd!

And went on to say,

Isn’t this the kind of person whom forest rangers usually despise? The one whose loud command to heed the bears actually startles the bears? The hapless camper whom taxpayers have to rescue at great expense after she loses her Verizon signal and gets hopelessly disoriented?

Except for the rare public showing to endorse Trump, or the occasional interview just to remind people Palin is still alive and hasn’t yet accidentally drank a bottle of bleach, drunkenly mistaking it for her 3rd bottle of Pinot Noir; Palin has been regulated to the abyss of snarky Facebook posts and loony YouTube rants about the dangers of actually having a working government.

And while Palin may no longer be front and center in the weekly news cycle, her presence is always lurking somewhere in the background, just waiting to make the next ridiculous statement, because let’s face it, her particular brand of crazy never truly goes away.

Video Courtesy Palin Palooza via YouTube

Featured Image Courtesy Of DonkeyHotey Via Flickr

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