WATCH Lawmaker Shred Americans For Prosperity Shills: ‘You People Serve No Purpose’ (VIDEO)

Breaking news! There is at least one sane Republican left in America. Make sure you’re sitting down before reading further. That allegedly sane Republican comes from Florida!

State Senator Nancy Detert, a Republican from Venice, had some choice words for a representative from the Koch brothers funded Americans For Prosperity, during a committee hearing. At issue is a bill, written by Detert, to expand a tax credit program that would encourage filmmakers to shoot in Florida. Detert’s bill would essentially give rebates to producers who can prove that they hired Floridians to work on their films. According to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Detert offered the bill in February, and almost immediately, Americans For Prosperity announced their opposition.

The group has been running attack ads, such as the one below, against Detert, claiming that her bill is a giveaway of Floridians’ tax money to “Hollywood tycoons” (read “big money Democrats”). Apparently, Detert isn’t deferential enough to the Kochs, or their lackeys, as the Herald-Tribune reports that Americans For Prosperity has been running various ads against her since 2013.

A Koch brothers funded attack ad against a Florida Republican.

It seems that Detert has had enough. So, when Skylar Zander, of the Florida branch of Americans For Prosperity, stepped to the podium to speak in opposition to her bill, she unloaded on him for a full two minutes. During her commentary, she tells Zander, “You’re called Americans for Prosperity – you’re all on the Koch Brothers payroll. Good for you, I’m glad you’re employed.”

Zander denies that AFP is largely funded by the Kochs, but when Detert asks him who the group’s donors are, Zander tells her that AFP doesn’t share that information. Detert looks at her colleagues on the committee. “We could change that,” she says.

Unquestionably, the best moment of the video occurs when Detert tells Zander, “You people serve absolutely no purpose!”

For the record, Detert’s bill easily passed the subcommittee, the objections of Charles and David Koch, via their sock puppet Skylar Zander, notwithstanding.

Watch one of the best take downs of a Koch puppet you are likely to see, and remember, this is coming from a Republican!

Here’s the video, via Crooks and Liars:

H/T The Thom Hartmann Program | Featured image via Matt Leonard/Flickr

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