WATCH: Last Up At The GOP Debate: God And How He Will Ultimately Run Our Country (VIDEO)

As Thursday night’s Republican debate wound down and the clown car was being warmed up to bring the candidates back to their circus tent, Fox actress Megyn Kelly had just one more thing to ask the contestants. A question from a fan on Facebook would turn out to be by far the most important question a Republican running for President of a country that constitutionally guarantees separation of church and state could answer:

I want to know if any of them have received a word from God on what they should do and take care of first.

Because that’s what’s important. There was a time, many centuries ago, when a person who spoke to God was revered and called a prophet. Most of now call those people “insane.” While I’m perfectly OK with the thought of people meditating and asking God for guidance, I’m not a fan of being governed by it.

The religious zealots of the right are inclined to act on their prayers, calling for an end to women’s rights in the name of zygotes, an end to equality in the name of Leviticus and an end to Iran in the name of Israel.

Watch the Republican Candidates declare what God wants them to do when they reach the Oval Office.

Featured image via screen capture

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