WATCH: Larry Wilmore Hilariously Destroys Trump’s Troll Candidacy And Pleads With America (VIDEO)

Just in case you haven’t had the time, or didn’t want to make the time, to follow all of the antics of Trump’s run to the head of the GOP clown car, Larry Wilmore of The Nightly Show summed it up pretty neatly for you.

Although many love seeing Trump’s run for its comedic value, and hope his nomination would mean a lock for a Democratic White House, it is getting pretty unsettling. The more controversial and outrageous Trump gets, the more he shoots up in the polls. Wilmore has a message for America – ok, this was entertaining and first, but enough.

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Let me just sum up with what we’ve gone through in the last month and a half, if I may. Ok. So far, Trump has called Mexicans rapists, he attacked one of America’s most beloved POW’s, he gave out a sitting Senator’s phone number out of spite, and now he’s basically based a woman’s tough questioning on her period. And, his polls just go higher, and higher, and higher. Now, I know last month the polls seemed ironic. Right? We were all doing a joke, we were all laughing. Remember that? hahaha. Trump is funny, right? He’s going to be done in a week, right? He ain’t got long. America, I am talking to you directly – Stop. Stop it.

Watch Larry Wilmore destroy Donald Trump’s run so far:

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