WATCH: Larry David Killed It Playing Bernie Sanders on SNL And The Internet Is Going NUTS (VIDEO)

You know that you are big time when Saturday Night Live is spoofing you, and they just brought out the legendary Larry David to play Bernie in an amazing and skit tonight.

Whether it was Larry David or the idea he was playing Bernie Sanders, the crowd erupted with applause when he took the stage, and the reaction from the internet was swift and very positive:

From the excited yelling to the body language, Larry David KILLED this one. Whether you are feeling the Bern, or ready for Hillary, we can all agree that this skit was an epic and a hilarious parody of Bernie and the rest of the candidates at the recent Democratic Debate. With 5 more debates to go, this will hopefully be the first of many laugh-out-loud hits from the crew at SNL.

Watch the completely hilarious skit below:

Featured image via screen capture

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