WATCH: Larry David Calls Trump A Racist In SNL Opening, Collects $5K Bounty For His Trouble (VIDEO)

Proving we live in a ‘demockracy’ and have no semblance of any functionality at the very top, Donald Trump, a major 2016 Republican Candidate (writing that is as natural as fracking fluid), hosted this week’s SNL in spite of numerous protests. The Donald will simply not rest until his grotesque burnt orange visage is emblazoned across every available space in America. While most current and prior presidential candidates have made silly cameos or brief sketches in the past, the Donald isn’t going to let China or Mexico tell him who is boss!


Larry David, who once again reprised his role as Bernie Sanders in the cold opening, played an even better role when he turned up during Trump’s opener. The sad and horribly unfunny (Sorry Darrell Hammond) opening bit seemed so dull and corny that it made a Ben Carson speech look like an Abby Hoffman rant. Helpfully, Larry David was there to do what Larry does best: be silly, impromptu and his incorrigibly twisted and sardonic self.

The best part is that Deport Racism, who offered a $5K bounty for anyone who yelled “Trump’s a racist” from the audience, tweeted that joke or not, the point was made and Larry won the cash:

Watch Larry David Call Trump A Racist In SNL Opening:


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