WATCH: Koch Brothers’ B*tch Tries To ‘Pre-Blame’ Obama For Government Shut Down: Leave Ryan ALONE! (VIDEO)

Rachel Campos-Duffy, whose professional credits include being married to a Senator and having BBQ’s with Paul Ryan’s family, would have us believe that poor Ryan would not be at fault for a government shutdown over Planned Parenthood. She blames President Obama, of course.

Campos-Duffy is also, by the way, bought and paid for by the Koch brothers. Campos-duffy is the spokeswoman for the Koch-backed Libre Initiative which seeks to win latino voters for the Republican party. She doesn’t appear to be a very good spokesman. She is incapable of allowing anyone else to speak uninterrupted and she oozes a Palin-esque false cheerfulness that the women allowed to speak in the Republican party all seem to affect.

Campos-Duffy actually whines about the heavily edited Planned Parenthood video, calling them “absolutely un-edited,” in her wild-eyed angry rebuttal of the idea that Republicans should realize that defunding Planned Parenthood is a “loser” for the GOP. This behavior really speaks volumes as to why the American people are tiring of the GOP. Their party is fractured, querulous, and rarely speak much of value, period.

The Republican Party has outsourced its political integrity to billionaires and corporations, they have lost touch with the needs of real Americans.

They also do not care if they cause the deaths of untold numbers of women by defunding their only source for affordable medical care. More hawkish and disturbing behavior from a cheery/wild-eyed Kochsucking Republican puppet on national T.V. why aren’t we shocked?



Feature image via screen capture from Flickr

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