WATCH: Kim Davis Finally Admits That Her Job Is Just A Political Platform (VIDEO)

Today, it finally happened. Kim Davis came out and admitted what so many of us on the left were already saying. She is doing this for attention and her own personal crusade.


“If I resign, I lose my voice.” Kim Davis admits she has her job simply so she can be a self-aggrandizing religious activist. She wants to use a publicly elected office that exists to serve the common good, as a platform for her own agenda.

Davis is in trouble again. After returning to work, she may go back to jail for tampering with marriage licenses that were issues while she was in time-out for her previous temper tantrum. At least she finally came clean about her motivation now.

“For me, it’s never been a gay or lesbian issue.” She actually said this!

Source: Fox News

And that is that. It has never been a gay or lesbian issue to her. It has been ALL about Kim and “her voice”. Translation: she took the dam job intentionally to do this dog and pony show. She tried lobbying legislators immediately after taking the job by her own admission, to “protect county clerks like her”.  Then, she blamed the gay couples for all the media storm! She actually blamed gay people for making her and her familys’ lives difficult.

Watch the infuriating video below:

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