Watch Kevin Spacey Appear As Johnny Carson And Hilariously DESTROY Trump (VIDEO)

If there’s been one silver lining in Donald Trump’s freakish rise to become the 2016 presumptive Republican Nominee, it’s seemingly never-ending comedy fodder. Comedians like myself have had a glorious time tearing into Donald Trump. But since Trump’s skin is about as thin as his hair, he either threatens the quipster with a frivolous lawsuit or goes to twitter like a little girl.

Kevin Spacey is most famous for his academy award winning roles in such films as The Usual Suspects and American Beauty and, most recently, Frank Underwood in Netflix’s House of Cards. But perhaps people don’t know about his great sense of humor and legit comedy chops.

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Performing at an event to raise money for Aids charities at the Cannes film festival, Spacey opened his routine dressed as the late talk show host Johnny Carson. He told the audience that regular host, Sharon Stone, was unable to make it because she was fighting a disease, adding: “The name of the disease is Donald Trump.”

I get the feeling that President Frank Underwood is much more honest and caring than Trump

Watch the entire routine below:

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