WATCH: Keith Olbermann Names Trump ‘Most Dangerous Candidate Since The Civil War’ (VIDEO)


Keith Olbermann appeared on The View on Friday, and Joy Behar asked him for his take on the way things are going on the Republican side of this year’s election. Olbermann didn’t hold back, calling Donald Trump the “most dangerous presidential candidate since the Civil War” and then pointed out that when it comes to nuclear weapons, Trump is a much more realistic threat than ISIS.

“I am having the craziest dream right now that Donald Trump is the leading candidate for the Republican nomination,” he said. “And you’re all in my dream. And when I wake up from this, I’m gonna write all this down and it’s gonna make a hell of a novel.”

Olbermann then told the hosts that we haven’t seen a candidate as dangerous as Trump in 150 years.

It’s nothing serious — it’s just he’s the most dangerous presidential candidate since the middle of the Civil War who wanted to give up in 1864,” Olbermann said.

Behar then asked him if he considers Trump to be “more dangerous than Nixon or Lyndon Johnson who escalated the Vietnam War.”

“Well yes,” Olbermann replied. He then explained why.

Somebody said to me the other day, and they were quite serious, and you’re gonna understand, when you hear these two things together they’re terrifying. ‘What if ISIS got nukes?’ Alright, so I said, ‘What would happen if Donald Trump got nukes?”

Which is the more realistic concern for us at the moment? I mean the second one is a distinct visible possibility, and the first one is theoretical but very unlikely.”

Olbermann then added that Trump would get nukes “the first day in office.”

His fears are not unfounded. Trump’s rhetoric gives us every reason to be terrified of what he would do if he had access to nuclear weapons. This is the guy who said he would “bomb the hell out of ISIS.”

Watch Olbermann’s comments on The View:

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