Watch Joni Ernst Fondly Recall Castrating Pigs With Her Sister in Weird Fox News Fluff Piece (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, hog-castrating crazy lady Joni Ernst joined Megyn “White Jesus” Kelly for a fun pre-election fluff piece, in which the probable Iowa Senator recounted her experiences removing hog testicles with her sister.

In Ernst’s first political ad, she embarrassed her state with a backwoods, banjo-plucking claim that her experience “cutting pork” somehow qualifies her for political office. Ernst promised to “Make ’em squeal” in Washington.

Frighteningly, it worked. A Des Moines Register poll conducted between October 28-31 estimates a 7-point lead over Democratic candidate Bruce Braley. A YouGov poll between October 25-31, however, predicts a much closer race, with just Ernst holding just a one-point lead over Braley.

All predictions are for one result, however: a victory for a woman who is essentially the perfect hybrid of Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin, someone who will gladly grab the wheel and steer America toward the largest iceberg she can find until her vision of… you’ve seen Mad Max, right? Well, until that happens.

“Alright, I gotta ask you about that ad. I’m a city girl. I grew up in upstate New York. How did it come about that you were castrating pigs on a farm when you were growing up?” Kelly asked Ernst.

“Well, I tell you, it is a normal chore. A normal chore that is done all across Iowa,” Ernst answered.

Kelly asked if anesthetic was involved for the pig.

“Yes, my sister and I we worked together. I tell you, yes, we were young girls. But it is a normal chore here, nothing too out of the ordinary,” Ernst said.

And. It. Was. A. Hit.

Screenshot via Gateway Pundit

Screenshot via Gateway Pundit Screenshot via Gateway Pundit Screenshot via Gateway Pundit

You can watch the video of the exchange below:

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