WATCH: Jon Stewart’s Playbook On How To ‘Get Rid Of Ted Cruz’ (VIDEO)

We sure are going to miss having Jon Stewart around for the remainder of the run-up to the 2016 elections after he departs, especially with so much comedy gold coming out of the GOP clown car right now.

On a recent edition of The Daily Show, Stewart lamented how crowded the 2016 GOP field is becoming. He decided that we need to start whittling the field and he decided who would be 1st on that list.

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Ted Cruz.

Stewart decided to play a little game called “Let’s Get Rid Of Ted Cruz.” The game was very simple. Show Cruz say one thing and then contradict himself shamelessly. The game started with Stewart pointing out how Cruz makes extremist hay out of Obama attending a fundraiser then turns around and misses the vote in which  he swore he’d vote against and stop, namely the nomination of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General. Cruz declared he would “unambiguously vote no!” against her, and  then managed to be the ONLY Senator who missed the vote.

Why did he miss the vote? You guessed it – fundraiser.

From there, Stewart goes on to show other examples of Cruz’s Orwellian double speak and hypocrisies on the issues of marriage equality, race relations and his generalized propaganda against those who dare disagree with him.  It’s both well done and up to The Daily Show‘s usual standard of funny.

Watch HERE:

Of course, Ted Cruz being a hypocrite is nothing new or unique. Perhaps one of the more glaring examples of Cruz’s ways was his words and actions on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), and how he handled his choice to sign up on the plan he had bashed and vowed to stop.

Check out this clip from The David Pakman Show:


One more note that the clip mentions but doesn’t really explore is Cruz’s reasoning for signing up for the ACA. Namely, the fact that his wife had to take a leave of absence from Goldman Sachs. This left an insurance gap in the Cruz household, which Obamacare filled nicely.

Think about that for a moment. Cruz’s entire political career is based on “speaking out” against the toxic relationship between Wall Street and Washington. Through all of this pandering, his wife continues to be employed at a firm that leads the league in fines for crimes like racketeering and fraud.

Cruz may have a rabid, forced audience to cheer him on at places like Liberty University, but beyond that his record and words are the very definition of hypocrisy, and sometimes outright and blatant lies. Add in where liberals and progressives love to bash Cruz, and I expect when the primaries really heat up next fall and winter, it will be the republicans that will hope for Cruz’s departure from the race sooner rather than later.

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