WATCH: Jon Stewart Skewers Congress For The Over-The-Top Reaction To DOING THEIR JOBS (VIDEO)

Last week, Congress passed a bill. In normal years, this should barely be news, but this is not a normal year. In fact, these last six years have been anything but normal.

Bipartisanship has, for the most part, flown out the window. Congress is more about protecting their vacation time than accomplishing things for the American people.

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So, when Congress, in a so-rare-it’s-on-the-endangered-species-list bipartisan manner, passed a Medicare reform bill (that’s been on the table since 1987), the reaction was so over the top that it had to be covered by Jon Stewart.

Yes, there are Boehner tears. The President is throwing them a party. The media, as Stewart says, “isn’t even reporting it like man bites dog. They’re reporting it like man gives birth to dog.”

Of course, all Congress did was their jobs, even though it is rare these days. As Stewart noted, “they don’t need a trophy for showing up. They’re Congress, not millennials.”

Then, there’s a sketch, featuring the awesome John Slattery from Mad Men, that asks what it would be like if people reacted this way to the rest of us just doing out jobs.

Here’s the video:

Featured image via Daily Show video screenshot.

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