WATCH: Jon Stewart ‘Orgasmic’ That He Gets To Bash Trump For His Last 6 Weeks (VIDEO)

The Donald is running for president, and Jon Stewart couldn’t be happier. Is he a fan of the hair? The dumb mean mouth look? The stupid references to a lousy reality show? No, but he is a fan of making him look foolish.

On Tuesday’s episode of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart and his crew were “orgasmic” over batsh*t crazy Donald Trump tossing his ridiculous hat in the ring. As they should be. In what may go down in history as 30 of the most ridiculous minutes of television ever, Donald Trump made a fool of himself, his “legacy” and his candidacy in the most effective of ways.

It wasn’t a complete failure. The Donald is officially the winner of most narcissistic human being of all time award. Typically when you’re announcing something this important, you don’t spend ten minutes listing all the buildings you own. You also don’t call Mexicans rapists, followed by “no disrespect.”

It’s easy to see why Jon Stewart and his crew are so elated to have Trump to walk all over.

Go get em’ Jon.

Watch Jon Stewart and his crew go orgasmic over the idea of having Trump to bash for the next six weeks.

Featured Image: Screen capture

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