Watch Jon Stewart Offer The Best Argument Against Money In Politics That Both Parties MUST See (VIDEO)

Donald Trump survived the GOP Insane Clown Posse to become the presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee, so it seems like half the country has gone mad. Never have we needed the biting and highly informed voice of Jon Stewart than right now. It’s a great travesty that Jon Stewart is no longer on the show that he put on the map as the only reliable news source. Maher is great, but there’s nobody who could question authority and all of its infinite follies quite like Jon.

Prior to leaving The Daily Show, show alum Mo Rocca sat down with Stewart for a candid interview. Like many comedians, Stewart seems to feel most comfortable when in the company of other comics.  So naturally he didn’t hold back or spare any feelings throughout the interview.

hen it came to discussing the corrupting influence money has in politics, Stewart morphed into the best “fake” journalist the world has ever seen. Moreover, he nailed disingenuous politicians who refuse to buy that money corrupts the election process. Although Stewart has largely remained out of the public eye (he needs a f*cking break!) since leaving the Daily Show, his words definitely fall in line with a lot of the things Bernie Sanders has been saying on the campaign trail.

Watch the segment below:


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