WATCH: Jon Stewart Let’s You Choose Your Own Adventure To Expose GOP Hypocrisy (Video)

The GOP is at it again. What are they up to, you ask? Going after Hillary Clinton of course, and of course no attack would be complete without a little good old fashioned GOP hypocrisy. Attacking Hillary Clinton has been a favorite sport of radical right wingers since the early 1990s, when the then first lady had the audacity to get involved with the issue of helping people get healthcare instead of baking cookies.

Over the years, Hillary has been accused of everything from treason to murder by the radical right. All based on spurious “evidence” or things they themselves were either as or more guilty of doing. The latest witch hunt has been over donations to the Clinton Foundation, one of the world’s best charitable organizations formed by Bill and Hillary after Bill’s departure from the White House about 15 years ago.

According to the GOP, when they raise money from billionaires, that’s “free speech.” When someone else raises any money, especially if they are named “Clinton” and even if it’s for a charitable cause, it’s pure corruption.

Of course it is. <eyeroll>

Jon Stewart points out this behavior by the GOP in a recent segment. Stewart chooses the popular children’s series of books called “Choose Your Own Adventure” for his vehicle of pointed hilarity. If you don’t remember the popular series from your youth, they were a series of books where the reader could literally make decisions during the course of the story. The decision would lead the reader to go to an instructed page to see the result of their decision. In the May 7th episode, Stewart offers the audience choices on how they would like their “Daily Show Adventure” to proceed at various points.

In the end,  Stewart firmly makes his point. No one right of Sheldon Adelson wants unfettered campaign donations to the point where billionaires are solely the main source of a candidate’s funding. Where as people of good faith can debate the limits of donations and the scope of any reforms, most agree there needs to be reforms. Citizens United is perhaps the worst court decision since Dred Scott.  But attacking Hillary in this way when the GOP shamelessly takes billionaire special interest money and then turns around and does their bidding is just blatantly hypocritical. No one has established any clear relationships between any charitable donations and any “quid pro quo” when it comes to Mrs. Clinton. On the other hand, several Republicans have been shown to be corrupted by the very system they endorse for themselves.

Check out Stewart’s adventure HERE:

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