Watch Jon Stewart Hilariously Bash Painfully Ignorant Republicans On Iran Letter (VIDEO)

On Tuesday’s episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart hilariously argued that the letter from the 47 Senate Republicans to Iran wasn’t to caution them about making a nuclear agreement with President Barack Obama, but was actually to warn them about the Grand Old Party. Stewart commented, mocking the letter’s tone:

You may be able to get Obama to construct a framework of verifiable nuclear limitations in exchange for the lifting of sanctions, but you’ll never sneak this sh*t past us. We’re f*cking cuckoo! We’re cuckoo bananas!

Stewart then began to taunt Sen. Tom Cotton, saying that it took too much effort for him to persuade his party colleagues to add their names as signatories.

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Stewart asked sarcastically:

How did Cotton convince Republicans to publicly undercut our current president? How did he do it? It’s the kind of persuasive rhetoric it might take to get, let’s say, an unfixed dog to hump a pillow.

Watch Stewart’s hilariously witty segment, below:

Featured Image via screen capture courtesy of Comedy Central

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