WATCH: Jon Stewart DESTROYS Dick Cheney In The Hilarious ‘Case Of The Iranian Agent’ (VIDEO)

Some nights Jon Stewart and company go above and beyond. Thursday night was one of those nights. Stewart took on Cheney and his recent claims from the Hugh Hewitt show where Cheney makes some outlandish comments about Barack Obama and essentially calls him a traitor.

Here’s what Cheney said that got Stewart’s goat:

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If you had somebody as president who wanted to take America down, who wanted to fundamentally weaken our position in the world and reduce our capacity to influence events, turn our back on our allies and encourage our adversaries, it would look exactly like what Barack Obama’s doing.

Of course, the team at The Daily Show weren’t going to leave that nonsense alone. Stewart expertly goes through how it is actually Cheney, if anyone, who has strengthened Iran’s position going back to his time in Halliburton.

Stewart dons a variety of “detective costumes” and skewers Cheney (represented by a balloon with a “frowney” face on it) mostly through his own words and deeds.

Check it out HERE:

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