WATCH: Johnny Depp As Donald Trump In ‘The Art Of The Deal’ Is Comedy Gold (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has been all over the news for months now, and with his win in the New Hampshire primary, it’s pretty clear that the next few weeks will bring us more, not less, of The Donald. So far, one thing that seems to have gotten very little attention in the midst of all the Trump hysteria is his 1987 memoir/business advice book, “The Art of the Deal.” That is about to change.

Fresh off the Trump win in New Hampshire comes a 50 minute movie created by the folks at Funny Or Die, called “The Art Of the Deal: The Movie.” This send-up of Trump’s book is a pretty heavy duty project for the site. It is introduced by Ron Howard, who describes how the movie was “thought to be lost in the Cybill Shepherd blouse fire of 1989.” Howard goes on from there to describe the “history” of the movie, and how, after it was believed that the film had been lost forever, he unearthed a copy of it at a yard sale. The video has “1980s” written all over it, from the VHS-style appearance of the picture, complete with tape hiss (if you’re younger than about 30 you might need to look that up), to the theme song by Kenny Loggins.

This hilarious undertaking features an impressive cast, including Johnny Depp as Trump, and Michaela Watkins as his (now ex) wife Ivana. Other notables in the production include Christopher Lloyd, Henry Winkler and Patton Oswalt. Vanity Fair says that Depp’s performance “may be the biggest highlight” of the video, and they suggest that if a Trump bio-pic is ever made, Depp may find himself getting the call for the lead role.

If you’re not done laughing at Donald Trump yet, check out the trailer for “The Art Of the Deal: The Movie” below, then head over to Funny Or Die to watch the entire video. It will be time well spent.

Featured image via Funny Or Die screen shot

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