WATCH: John McCain Becomes A Confused Babbling Mess While Questioning ‘President’ Comey (VIDEO)

On Thursday, thanks to strange Senate rules, John McCain found himself with the opportunity to question fired FBI director James Comey — and he sure didn’t waste the opportunity. OK, we lied: yes he did.

Like his GOP colleagues, McCain tried his hardest to swing the Russia hearings back to being about Hillary Clinton. In fact, McCain demanded that “President” (yes, he called him President) Comey explain why he has decided that Hillary Clinton is innocent of colluding with Russia to sabotage her own campaign but the FBI insists on investigating Trump — a “double standard” as McCain sees it.

McCain, who is apparently unable to wrap his head around the fact that an investigation into Hillary Clinton about something entirely separate had concluded while the investigation into Trump’s collusion with the Kremlin is ongoing, appeared to become confused during his questioning — then things got crazy (crazier?).

“I think it’s hard to reconcile one case you reached a complete conclusion and the other side you have not. In fact, obviously, there’s a lot more there as we know,” he said. “She’s one of the candidates but in her case you say there will be no charges but in the case of President Trump the investigation continues.”

“Both President Trump and former candidate Clinton are involved in the investigation yet one of them you said there’s gonna be no charges and the other the investigation continues,” McCain added. “I think there’s a double standard.”

Obviously, there’s no double standard here — but McCain’s words:

“You reached the conclusion that there was no reason to bring charges against Secretary Clinton so you reached the conclusion. In the case of Mr. Comey, President Comey, the case of President Trump you’ve got one candidate you’re done with and another where you have a long way to go.”

Watch the crazy below:

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