Watch Joe Biden Do The ONE Thing This Protester Didn’t Expect When He Interrupted Biden’s Speech

Outside of Bernie Sanders, vice president Joe Biden is perhaps the only likable and honest politician roaming the poisoned swamp of DC. While many are quick to mock some of his gaffes, there is no denying the man is a legend and a throwback to the days when Democratic Party had a spine and cared more about the middle-class.

During a speech in Cleveland, the fiery Vice President showed us an example of true class in the most unexpected place. Biden, who was discussing how Trump’s economic policies will do nothing but makes super rich people richer, soon found himself in the cross hairs of an irate protester. Rather than let the crowd drown out the protester in boos, Biden first addressed him with compassion, then made an extraordinary offer.

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Here’s how it went down. The protester began shouting about the Iraq War, to which Biden responded by explaining how Democratic politicians (most notably, Hillary Clinton) could vote for the war and still be against it later.

“My friends died!” the man then said.

“So did my son,” Biden replied.

Biden, being a total class act, not only addressed the man’s concerns, but he went so far as to speak to him after the event.

“Come back here and talk to me about this, OK? You have my permission.”

The protester eventually identified himself as a veteran of the Kurdish armed forces and said that his friend on the force, Levi Shirley, had died in operations near Manbij, Syria, which was liberated from ISIS last month.

Leave it to Joe Biden to not only engage with a critic but invite him to a private discussion later to really get to the bottom of it.

Watch the exchange below:

Featured image via Getty| Brendan Smialowski / Stringer

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