WATCH: Jimmy Fallon As Donald Trump Drives Ted Cruz To Drink, And It’s Hilarious


In a hilarious skit, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) got quite the phone call from Donald Trump (Jimmy Fallon) on Thursday night.

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Trump, played by Fallon, starts off the conversation with the clearly excited senator, by asking if he is watching the Democratic debate. Cruz replies that he is not and instead he is “watching The Princess Bride for the 843rd time.”

Trump told Cruz that he was really missing out and explained that Hillary Clinton had just been caught flip-flopping  “this way and that way” on trade. “It was like watching her swipe a Metrocard at the subway,” he said.

Trump told Cruz that he was going to help him prepare for his interview with Jimmy Fallon by “doing a little pre-interview.” Cruz thanked him for the generous offer.

I appreciate you being the bigger man,” Cruz said.

“Oh, I’m the bigger man,” Trump shot back. “With the bigger hands. And the bigger … you can’t see me, but I’m pointing at my Trump Tower.”

“I’m really glad not to be FaceTime right now,” Cruz replied.

Trump, for his mock interview, began by asking Cruz how he “won all the delegates in Colorado without anyone even voting.” Cruz patiently explained the process of how Colorado chooses delegates, reminding Trump that this wasn’t exactly a surprise since they’d “known this all along.” Trump, concluded that the reason he had bombed so bad in the state was clearly because of the legalization of marijuana.

You know what I think? I think the people of Colorado did vote, but they were so high they completely forgot. And let’s face it, anyone that high definitely voted for me. So basically, I won Colorado.

Trump then asked Cruz about his policies on immigration and continued to interject about his massive wall every time the Texas senator got a few words out. For his third question, Trump asked Cruz about his remarks on “New York Values.” Cruz said he will not pander to New Yorkers, and then he pandered to New Yorkers. He also explained that he meant that he values New York, but he just said it backward, like Yoda.

Trump then proceeds to give Cruz a few tips about New York, and asks if he is “writing this all down.” At this point, Cruz can do nothing but pretend to get a pen, and grab a bottle of booze instead and pour himself a stiff drink.

Watch the hilarious segment here:

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