WATCH: Jeb Takes Cheap Shots At Hillary’s Chipotle Run, Secret Service Detail (VIDEO)

After beginning her presidential campaign in Iowa this week, Hillary Clinton stopped at an Ohio Chipotle for a fast-food pick me up. Her Chipotle visit quickly made headlines all over the country.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush ridiculed the former Secretary of State, saying that he doesn’t need a Secret Service team to escort him to a casual dining establishment. Apparently, the Florida Governor doesn’t even need to go to Chipotle; his wife is Mexican so they can cook burritos in their own home, thank you very much.

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At a “Politics and Pies” campaign event, Bush announced  that the U.S. Senate should confirm President Barack Obama’s Attorney General nominee, Loretta Lynch:

If someone is supportive of the president’s policies, whether you agree with them or not, there should be some deference to the executive It should not always be partisan.

Though he did not mention Hillary Clinton’s name, he was fully aware of her Ohio pit-stop at the local Mexican restaurant.The odd Chipotle topic was discussed while Bush was cutting into a piece of blueberry pie. The harebrained Republican told a capacity crowd:

I actually cook it at home. I don’t need to go to Chipotle, we normally cook our own food, my own Mexican food, at home. It’s pretty good.

He then added that when he does venture out to eat, he “drives, parks, and gets out of his own car” -mocking Hillary’s Secret Service team.

However, following Bush’s dig, reports indicated that after he spoke at his “Snow Shoe Clu”‘ event, there was a black SUV waiting for him outside. Sure enough, it was his Secret Service protection team, and the Republican initially rode shotgun in the vehicle.

I guess the whole “do it yourself” attitude only applies to Jeb’s opponents.

You can watch the footage of Jeb Bush at the “Politics and Pies” event via YouTube, below:


H/T: ABC News|Featured Image via Eonline

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