WATCH: Jeb Bush So Desperate To Save His Campaign He Lets Sarah Palin Interview Him (VIDEO)

Whatever dignity Jeb Bush had left went straight out the window Friday night when he went full religious zealot for Sarah Palin in an interview on One America News that was nothing more than a plea to the far right for a few of Donald Trump’s votes.

It was pretty sad to watch Jeb, whose personality is probably his least admirable trait, continue to attack Planned Parenthood, citing those videos that have been proven to be edited bundles of out of context lies. Spending most of the time talking about how much he cares about life, he even invoked the failure that was the Terry Shiavo case, where he proved that to pander to the extremist Christians whose votes he counts on, he would put a husband and his family through hell to save a living corpse rather than allowing her to die with a shred of dignity.

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After a jab at Hillary Clinton and the proven to be a waste of time email “scandal,” Jeb pats himself on the back for having an email address anyone can get access to. Of course, there is a difference between a former governor whose knowledge of foreign policy just doubled because he talked to expert Sarah Palin and a secretary of state who had the highest security clearance in the nation, but hey…why split hairs?

This interview is more proof that the “establishment” candidate of the Republican party is running scared.

Watch Sarah Palin’s ten minute campaign ad for Jeb Bush.

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