Watch: Jake Tapper Gets Trump To Admit His Hate For ‘Mexican’ Judge Based On His Race

CNN’s Jake Tapper has consistently proven himself to be one of the few journalists in America capable of standing up to Trump. He has repeatedly called out Trump’s lies with an unblinking firmness that suggests he is fed up with the Republican nominee’s lies and simply won’t stand for it. That’s been clear for a while, but if Trump didn’t know it yet, he just learned the hard way.

In a sit-down interview that is being hailed as perhaps the worst interview Trump has ever done, Tapper holds Trump’s feet to fire with such conviction that it makes one thing about Trump instantly clear for the entire world to see: Trump is a racist bigot and his views on Hispanics are intolerable.

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At issue here is Trump’s despicable attacks directed at the judge presiding over his Trump University lawsuit. For reasons that even Trump’s own staff find stunningly bad, he has centered his criticisms on the fact that the judge is Latino. For this reason, Trump says the judge shouldn’t be allowed to hear his case. If that sounds really racist, it gets worse.

Tapper: You’re invoking his racist when talking about whether or not he can do his job.

Trump: Jake, I’m building a wall. Okay? I’m building a wall. I’m trying to keep business out of Mexico.

Tapper: But he’s an American.

Trump: But he’s of Mexican heritage! And he’s very proud of it. As I am where I come from.

Tapper: But he’s an American. You keep talking about how it’s a conflict of interest because of Mexico.

Trump tries to derail the conversation – his favorite tactic when things aren’t going his way – and at this point, Tapper does the right thing and cuts Trump off before he can change the subject. Instead, he tells him again: “He’s not from Mexico. He’s from Indiana.” It was the perfect response and led to a moment Trump’s campaign was actively dreading: Trump goes all in on his racism.

Tapper: I don’t care if you criticize him. That’s fine. You can criticize every [legal] decision. What I’m saying is, if you invoke his race as a reason why he can’t do his job…

Trump: I think that’s why he’s doing it!



There is starting to be a seminal shift in the election. Trump, who for months confounded the experts with his “Teflon Don” routine where it began to seem like no criticism would stick, has had a spectacularly bad week. Trump University has been exposed as an outright scam. Trump’s military fundraiser was exposed as a con (right up until the moment he got caught). Now his racism is rearing its ugly head in ways that his staff knows is costing him the election.

Trump’s aides are having serious buyer’s remorse. It’s hard to blame them.

Watch the intense exchange below:

Featured image via CNN

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