Watch: Indiana Goes After Middle Class Wages And Jobs After Attacking LGBT Rights (Video)

Last week Indiana was at the center of the nation’s controversies with the regrettable passing of their Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Since then, Republican lawmakers have been busy scrambling to somehow amend the law so gay people aren’t discriminated against yet their rabid base can still somehow hate the gays.

Now it seems Mike Pence and the Indiana GOP’s next target are middle class blue collar workers. Namely, construction workers. The Republicans feel that paying them a fair, livable wage – one set by the local communities themselves- is an unacceptable option for the GOP. Legislatively speaking, it’s called the Common Construction Wage Act.

Their GOP dominated State House just passed the bill repealing this law and opting for a system that begs outsourcing to other states. It does that so much that Illinois Governor, Republican Bruce Rauner said Monday in an interview with the Editorial Board of the Chicago Tribune, that he wants to “rip the economic guts out of Indiana,” which is precisely what opponents of the repeal claim will happen.

Governor Pence says has expressed his willingness to sign the repeal of the Common Construction Wage Act. The only hope remaining is the Indiana State Senate where some Republicans have expressed some disapproval of the bill.

According to supporters of the bill, the data shows the positive influence the Common Construction Wage Act has provided like;

* Boosts the Indiana economy by about 700 million annually.

* Provides local control and protects local jobs from out of state low ball companies. 

* Provides for in state apprenticeships ensuring a skilled work force in the future. 

One of the strangest things about Pence and the GOP’s eagerness to dismantle this act that protects jobs and boosts the economy is the betrayal of the alleged “conservative principle of local government control.” Something the repeal of the act will destroy.

The committee now consists of the following:

  • An industry representative appointed by the awarding agency;

  • An appointee of the Indiana AFL-CIO;

  • An appointee of the Associated Builders and Contractors;

  • A taxpayer appointee, who will be paying the tax paying for the project, appointed by the awarding agency; and

  • A taxpayer appointee, who will be paying the tax paying for the project, appointed by county legislative body.

Government, business and tax payers working together, isn’t that supposed to be the GOP way? Apparently not when it comes to the hard working construction workers in Indiana.

Check out this ad put out to draw awareness to the tragedy that awaits if this act is repealed by the Indiana GOP:


Hopefully people will stand up like they did last week in Indiana and won’t be worn down by the Republican’s constant assault on LGBT, workers, women and whomever else they deem an “other.” The GOP would rather have out of state companies stealing jobs from their own citizens than allow local workers to earn a livable wage. A wage set by local authorities and representative from the community.

Sad and unfortunate.

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