WATCH: In Palinesque Rant, Ben Carson Blames Drug Addiction On Political Correctness (VIDEO)

Ben Carson appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation, where he astonishingly did not tell more lies about himself, but rather, spoke a whole lot of nonsense about drug addiction in New Hampshire. Of course, on his planet, addiction isn’t a real problem so much as it’s a product of political correctness. He said:

There are all kinds of addictions and usually, addictions occur in people who are vulnerable who are lacking something in their lives. So we really have to start asking ourselves, what have we taken outside of our lives in America? What are some of those values and principles that allowed us to ascend the ladder of success so rapidly to the pinnacle of the world and the highest pinnacle anyone else had ever reached, and why are we throwing away all of our values and principles for the sake of political correctness?

That doesn’t even make any sense. Forget about everything that can lead to addiction, this stuff about “throwing away our values for the sake of political correctness” makes zero sense in the context of drug addiction. The question that John Dickerson asked had to do with the issue of drug addiction being a major issue of concern to 25 percent of New Hampshire voters. So Carson just told those voters that the solution to New Hampshire’s drug problem is to embrace proper values.

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Those values likely include a belief in his god. He’s a Seventh-Day Adventist, which means he’s a biblical literalist. Biblical literalists tend to be insane about their faith, because they see literally everything through the lens of the Bible. It’s why he thinks the pyramids were for grain storage, and why he said he liked to stab people before finding Christ (stories like that are supposed to resonate with the evangelicals because they talk about the redemption that Christ can provide).

So when he talks about values, even when he doesn’t name those values, he’s very likely saying, “Hey! Embrace Christian values and your life will turn around too! Just think! No more drugs! Christ will take all that from you!” It’s just so easy, and so logical, if you can just find your way to Carson’s dimension.

He also spoke about the problem of heroin addiction, and that was even more than less than nonsensical, because he said it’s the reason we should not give up on the total failure that is the War on Drugs. Watch his comments below, via The Raw Story:

Featured image via screen capture from embedded video.

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