WATCH: In 1 Minute Obama CRUSHES Republican Bull*hit ‘Predictions’ About His Second Term (VIDEO)

President Obama is having one of the greatest second terms in recent, if not all, American history. But do you remember what Republicans were predicting if he got re-elected? Their predictions were many, and the warnings were grave. From a crashing stock market to 6 dollar gas prices, trillion dollar deficits to explosive unemployment. It was all going to be TERRIBLE! Right up until it wasn’t.

The second term of President Obama is going to go down in history as a redefinition of the term “lame duck,” as he reaches epic and historic milestones both foreign and domestic.

Our President is still going strong even now, only one year out from the next election, when he finishes his second term. Literally every prediction Republicans made was proven fake, and it begs the question: “Who still votes for these idiots?”

Watch Obama take a VERY well deserved victory lap taking credit for his accomplishments below:


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