WATCH: Huckabee Gets SHREDDED For Dodging Question About Biblical Marriage (VIDEO)

In an exceedingly rare moment of progressive, factual clarity, Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski, along with right-wing apologist Joe Scarborough  both decided to take Mike Huckabee to the woodshed on live television over his infinite hypocrisy regarding the Kim Davis case.

Mika and Joe went at Huck hard, quoting Jesus at length, providing context on what Jesus did and did not say about homosexuality or gay marriage, and did not let up in their demand for answers.

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Huckabee was pressed until he had no options left, and was forced to go into full liar mode live on cable news.

A really good indicator of the “Deer in the headlights” factor went as follows:

Mika: What if Kim Davis wanted to get a third or fourth marriage license from somebody who truly believes that you should only get married once?  What would you say to that?

Huck: Kim Davis, she’s actually been married four times.

Yes, we know Huck. Thanks for clarifying exactly what we were already aware of. Talk about a stutter and puke on his part…

Even more surprising was that Joe Scarborough, the poster boy of GOP Apologism, jumped in against Huck as well:

Jesus focused a lot more on divorce, focused a lot more on lust, focused a lot more on the poor, focused a lot more on clothing the naked, visiting people in jail, taking care of the hopeless than he did on homosexuality. In fact, he never mentioned homosexuality.

You can read the text of the gospel and what Jesus Christ said, and there’s a lot more condemnation for people like myself who have been divorced than there is condemnation for people that participate in the gay lifestyle.

Huck then started to defend himself ineffectively, by saying that the two are different issues. Huck is wrong.

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