WATCH: Howard Dean Goes Ballistic On MSNBC’s Alex Witt, Calls Media Obsession With Clinton/Lynch ‘Crap’ (VIDEO)

The mainstream media is obsessed with the tarmac meeting between former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. As they always do with things of little consequence, cable news has lost their collective minds over it. Well, Howard Dean has had enough.

Now, we all agree that the tête-à-tête between Clinton and Lynch was not a good call. They should have thought ahead and seen that it would cast a shadow over Hillary Clinton’s Saturday morning meeting with the FBI. The announcement that no indictments will be forthcoming now *looks* like it could have been an insider deal. But, good grief, it’s over now. Move on, media.

Alex Witt apparently can’t move on. Her persistence on this is intractable to the point of being annoying. On her Sunday show, Weekends With Alex Witt, she pressed Howard Dean about whether the tarmac meeting, innocent though it was, is politically inexcusable. Dean, clearly irritated, shot back:

Here’s what’s inexcusable. We’re spending all this time on television talking about a visit between Loretta Lynch and President Clinton. Why aren’t we talking about how to get jobs back in America? Why aren’t we talking about what we’re going to do about healthcare? Why aren’t we talking about foreign policy? This is ridiculous. This goes on and on and on and on. Nobody wants to take the serious issues seriously.

Witt pushes on the point, talking over Dean and trying hard to get the answer she wants from him. Shouldn’t Clinton and Lynch known better? Dean is having none of it, though, replying:

Maybe they should have known better… Can’t we starting talking about issues that effect the American people in this campaign? How long is this going to go on? When are we going to talk about substance? When are we going to talk about jobs? When are we going to talk about healthcare? When are we going to talk about education? When are we going to talk about prison reform?

Witt’s other guest, Republican strategist Susan Del Percio, snidely remarked that it would stop when “Bill Clinton stops doing unforced errors.” This was enough for Dean, who retorted:

Nonsense This is crap. We ought to be talking about serious stuff, not who did what to who. The reason this happens is because the right-wing has got nothing on the Clintons, and all they can do is make up stuff like this.

Ouch! Hey, Alex and Susan, you need some ointment for that burn? Because Dean is 100% correct; the Republicans have nothing. They tried when Bill was President. They made up scandal after scandal. Whitewater. Vince Foster. Wal-Mart. Monsanto. Citizens United (before it was a Supreme Court ruling). Benghazi. All failed attempts by the right to smear the Clintons either together or separately. These zombie scandals are rising from the grave because the GOP has nothing on Hillary. Nada.

Witt went on to show the results of a “recent” Quinnipiac poll showing that Trump is viewed as “more honest and trustworthy” than Clinton. Dean rightly points out that polls are notoriously untrustworthy themselves and that he’d like to see more polling to support the given conclusion.

It’s going to get worse as we head into the general election. The right will throw all the crap it can at Hillary, hoping that some of it sticks. Like Howard Dean, though, we can refute their claims.

We can also turn the questions back onto Trump, who has not been at all forthcoming with his personal info. Information we’ve known about Hillary for years. Who is more honest? Seriously.

Here’s the clip via Raw Story:

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